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The camera surveillance system you installed has paid for itself. In less than a year, we catch three separate employee incidents that saved us on workers comp claims and caught one guy stealing from the plant. Thanks Alarmist!
— M.B. @ Processing Plant, South Philadelphia
The fire system that the Alarmist (also known as FireSafe Services) installed in 2003 saved our lives!! Thank you.
— P.F.
The fire alarm and 24-hour central station alerted us to a broken water supply line over a long weekend. The early warning alarm saved us thousands of dollars in damages!
— S.S.S.
Thank you! The chimney in our building clogged and backed up the main heating system sending carbon monoxide into our home. Your smoke detection system woke us up!
— M.S.

Why do you  believe that someone should choose the Alarmist as their security company?

"Our company is small and personal, but with that comes quality. We strive to cater to all sorts of customers, whether they be corporations, apartment complexes, or simply the common customer. We will work to our full potential regardless of who you are or what we are installing." 



With the Alarmist as your security company, you simply will not have to worry about the security aspects of your property; we do it all! And we do it promptly, professionally, and affordably. We are your full service alarm and security company.



About the Alarmist

Alex cook

What was your favorite project?

"One of my favorite projects here was working with the wharton school at the university of Pennsylvania . During this project, college students renovated buildings on the west side and I got the pleasure of both assisting in their endeavors and teaching."